Alumni and Guest Members of the Tir Na N'og

Kerri Brown: the other original founding member with Brian Volke. Kerri is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter. She plays guitar, fiddle, didgeridoo, piano and djembe. Kerri was for all intents and purposes a native Calgarian.

Jeff Kiernan (pictured above): from London, Ontario, Jeff joined the band shortly after Brian and Kerri founded it. He plays fiddle, octave mandolin, mandolin, guitar and sings. Jeff is featured on Tir Na N'og's CD "Home Again". Jeff still plays occasionally with the band whenever he is able.

Colleen Austin: Colleen joined Tir Na N'og around the time of Kerri's departure. Hailing from Springhill, Nova Scotia, Colleen sings and plays guitar. She too is featured on "Home Again".
Terry Smith (Northumbrian small pipes, whistles, bodhran, didgeridoo): born in Northumbria, came to Calgary via New Brunswick; great instrumentalist, quirky guy, gentle spirit. Here he is performing with us on July 17, 2002 at Olympic Plaza, Calgary. As is Colleen Austin on vocals and guitar.
Circa 2001-02, left to right: R.J. McConnell(obscured by dancer's head!), Brian Volke, Colleen Austin, Jeff Kiernan and Terry Smith. Location: James Joyce Irish Pub, Calgary.Circa 2001-02, Tir Na N'og at James Joyce, Calgary. RJ, Colleen, Brian and Jeff.